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What is the Campus for the Third Age?

The Campus for the Third Phase is a joint project of the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Online Learning at the Achva Academic College. It seeks to offer academic level studies to seniors who are eager to continue to learn, but who are unable to travel to those studies, or who simply prefer to stay at home. The "campus" is an internet site and the courses are run via sites that include information, instruction and interaction between teacher and students, and among the students themselves. Courses are "general interest" - they attempt to deal with issues that concern seniors, and they strive for a pleasant atmosphere in which seniors can "meet" around topics that concern them.

Do I have to be a computer expert to study in a course?

The courses that the campus offers take place on and via the internet. This means that in order to get to the various course materials, and in order to take part in class discussions basic internet skills are required. Basic knowledge in using a computer (and especially a word processor) is also desirable.

These courses are not designed to teach the use of a computer, although instruction in certain internet skills is occasionally offered. There's no need to be an expert. A desire to learn, and a bit of prior experience, should be enough.

What do you mean by learning via the internet?

Each person has his or her own learning style and speed - not only in front of a computer, but in a classroom as well. In the traditional classroom the instructor sets the style and the pace. In internet based courses the instructor makes materials available to the participants who are then free to choose when is best for them to relate to them. In the courses that the campus offers, we attempt to merge "individual study" and "group learning". The instructor determines the move from unit to unit, but participants determine their own pace within those units. In this way we hope to encourage interaction between the participants themselves.

My computer isn't the fastest. Is that a problem?

In order to study in the courses that the campus offers a computer is necessary. It needn't be at home - access to a computer is enough. Fast computers are nice, but we understand that not all seniors have the latest models. Thus we've strived to build our site and our courses in such a way that the study materials will be interesting and aesthetically pleasing, but will readily appear on the screen of almost any computer.

My eyes get tired quickly when I read from the screen.

That's true for many of us. We've tried to make our course pages clean and clear, easy to read. Still, if necessary, most of the pages can be sent to the printer and read from the printed page. Remember, however, that an important part of the experience of learning via the internet is online discussion, and in order to take part in that reading from the screen is necessary.

What does the teacher in an internet-based course do?

Teachers in an internet based course have many of the same tasks that "traditional" teachers have. They bring study materials to the course site and organize them in such a way that participants can follow them. But just making materials available isn't enough. Teachers continue to accompany participants, directing their studies, taking an active role in group discussions, adding new insights. An internet based course isn't only a collection of texts made available via the internet. In the courses offered by the campus a real person is behind those texts, and constantly in interaction with the participants.

All you have is courses?

Courses are at the core of what the Campus for the Third Phase offers, but we strive for more. We hope that the campus can become a focal point for seniors who seek to use the internet to meet with their peers and discuss with them issues that are important to them. There are many directions for possible growth, but that growth is of course dependent on the desires of the seniors who come to the site.

Why should I study with people my age?

To tell the truth, we don't really have an answer to that question. The internet is full of possibilities, and each individual is free to find whatever framework best suits him or her. Seniors have expressed a desire for an internet-based framework specifically for them - a framework that caters to their interests and needs. If this is a real need, the Campus for the Third Phase hopes it can fulfill it.

You don't have any face to face meetings?

Face to face meetings are a quite a logistic problem. It's hard to bring people from all over the country to one meeting place. One of the advantages of internet-based learning is that you can study with people with whom you couldn't be in contact otherwise. Still, the internet isn't a solution to everything, and it's always nice to have real (eye to eye) contact. A possibility exists that "face to face" meetings will occasionally be organized.

Can I have a look?

Of course. Everyone is invited to click on in, to see what's offered, and to decide whether it's for him or her. If you're reading this on the World Wide Web, you're already within the campus site. From the main entrance page you can access all parts of the campus.

And how do I contact you?

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We're also accessible via e-mail: jhurvitz@macam.ac.il,
              or by telephone: 08-8588136 / 064-234723